How I got started 👨🏻‍💻

My programming journey started as a teenager writing in a scripting language called JASS. It was used to create custom games for Warcraft 3’s game engine; which I tinkered with to make my own games at the weekends.

After a year or so, I started editing websites and I quickly became hooked. My sites were very rudimental, but so was the the web back then - AJAX had still not debuted, nor had HTML5. I started seriously programming for the web after installing a vBulletin forum; trying to understand how it worked under the hood and hack some otherwise non-customisable settings.

I’ve always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, even as a kid: I used to sell pebbles that I found at the beach to passersby in my front garden. But when I started programming it felt like an actual superpower. I could create something that was free to make (other than time) and sell it to a potentially unlimited amount of people. In what other industry can you do that? That create-stuff spirit drove me to exploring what the web was capable of and build a bunch of businesses over the past decade.

What I enjoy working on 💪🏻

I'm at my best working with fast-paced startups where I can make a large impact quickly. I particularily enjoy working on e-commerce and SaaS businesses.

Where I work 📍

Remote is preferred, although I'm open to the occasional on-site visit. I'm based in Manchester, UK.

Other interests 🔎

Investing, business and consumer technology.